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VersionIncluded FeaturesPackage LinkPost Installation Steps

Bug Fixes: 1. Recurring Appointment Management throws Number too low error Introduction of new features including: 1. Appointment Service Validation Additions 2. Participant Appointment Overlap Validation 3. Resource Appointment Overlap Validation


Introduction of new features including: 1. Billable Client Notes 2. Automated Salesforce Sharing Rules 3. Additional Appointment Validation 4. Minor Bug Fixes

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Maica Client Care, please add Do Not Bill to the Global Value Set for Delivery Activity -> Billing Status

Fixed minor defect in the Planner around rendering content.


Removed Annual and Quarterly from Billing Settings in Maica Client Care as described here.



Various Bug Fixes and an alert if an Appointment is being made in the past.


The main updates for this release are: 1. The introduction of Non-Human resources via a dedicated Salesforce record type on Resource. Please assign the correct record type to existing Resource records after installation. 2. Appointment Breaks 3. Service Agreement Leave 4. Rostering by Travel Time


A number of new features, including:

  1. Configurable placement of UNASSIGNED Appointments

  2. Quick Complete now allows for amendment of Appointment details

  3. Adding Unavailability for multiple Resources at the same time

  4. Unavailability Status filter is now included

  5. Tooltip to show Resource Utilisation in Resource View

  6. A fortnightly timeline in the Planner in addition to daily, weekly, and monthly.

Defect Fixes as per below.

  • Custom fields support, and fields with similar names (excluding special characters, eg. QuantityUnitOfMeausure -> maica__Quantity_Unit_Of_Measure__c) when syncing Product and Pricebook records.

  • Bug fix related to Recurring Appointments creation schedule, when there’s a custom lookup field to Appointment on Delivery Activity that caused an issue with cloning related Delivery Activity records through the managed field.

In order to install Maica Client Care, you have must Maica Client Management installed, as this is a depedent package. If your organisation does not have Maica Client Management installed and enabled, please contact us.

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