Xero Synchronisation

Learn about Maica's Xero Finance System integration

Maica Client Management natively integrates with the Xero financial platform for the purposes of exchanging invoices and payments, as shown in the below flowchart.

Synchronising Individual Invoices

It is possible to synchronise individual invoices using the Maica solution by clicking on the Sync with Xero button on any given invoice record, as shown below.

Once clicked, Maica will connect to your configured Xero instance and ask you to confirm that you would like to synchronise this invoice, as shown below.

This will synchronise the invoice to Xero using the following mapping details.

A sample Xero invoice is shown in the screenshot below for your reference.

You are able to overwrite the default Product (Support Item) Description by using the Xero Invoice Line Description field instead which will then be used to create the Invoice Line Item Description in Xero.

Synchronising Invoices via Salesforce Flows

In addition to being able to synchronise invoices individually, it is also possible to do this in bulk using Maica's Flow called Maica - Xero Invoice Sync Flow which can be scheduled as required and will execute the sync on a recurring basis.

Salesforce Product Configuration

In order to use Salesforce Products on invoices that are synchronised to Xero, it is important to set a few Product fields to the appropriate values, as outlined below.

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