Post Install Steps

The Maica solution requires a number of Salesforce post-installation steps which are outlined below.

Assign a Maica License to a User

  1. Go to Setup and search for Installed Packages in Quick Find.

  2. Click Manage Licenses on the Maica package.

  1. Click Add Users.

  1. Select the user(s) who you want to assign the Maica license to, and then click Add.

Assign the Maica Permission Sets to a User

  1. In Setup, search for Users in Quick Find.

  2. Click on the User you want to assign the Maica Permissions to.

  1. Scroll down and under Permission Set Assignments, click Edit Assignments.

  1. Select the Maica Permission Sets that the User needs and move it across to the Enabled Permission Sets list by using the ➤ button. Then click Save

For more information outlining each Permission Set, see this article.

Picklist Options

A few of the standard Salesforce pick-lists (drop-downs) need to be extended with additional values required to support Maica.

Update the Quantity Unit of Measure picklist with the following values:

ValueAPI Name













The Quantity Unit Of Measure list should look like this after being updated.

Note: you may have some of your own, specific values in here and that is okay too.

You can use the list below to copy the exact values that need to be entered. To add these to Salesforce, click New and paste the values from below. You will need to manually update the API Name for each value after these have been saved and the API Name needs to be upper case, i.e. MON for Monthly.


Page Layouts

Maica comes with a number of Page Layouts for standard Salesforce objects. If you prefer to use the Maica Page Layouts - these need to be assigned to the relevant Profiles/Record Types in your organisation.

The following standard objects can be assigned Maica Page Layouts:

  • Contact

  • Case

  • Opportunity

  • Product

Opportunity Page Layout

As Maica introduces the Service Agreement Record Type on the Opportunity object, please ensure that you have updated the Page Layout Assignment for this Record Type. The image below illustrates how to do this:

If you would prefer to use your own Page Layouts for these objects, namely Contact and Opportunity, you need to add the Maica Quick Actions to the layouts to ensure these options are displayed to your users. Please see below.

Maica Quick Actions

Account Page Layout

It is important to note that Maica does not include a specific Page Layout for the Account object. For Plan Managers, we would recommend adding the following items to your Account layout(s):

Add the Invoice related list to ensure that you can see a list of all Invoices associated with a specific Provider.

You can add the Invoice related list to the Page Layout per the image below:

Maica Fields

The table below lists the fields that Plan Managers will want to add to the Account Page Layout to support Maica processes.

Field NameDescription

Australian Business Number (ABN)

The Australian Business Number of the Provider.

ABN Exemption

Used to indicate if the Provider is exempt from quoting an ABN under ATO rules. If selected, a value of EXCLS will be populated in the Bulk Payment Request File.

Bank Account Name

The Bank Account Name that is used for processing a payment to the Provider.

Bank Account Number

The Bank Account Number that is used for processing a payment to the Provider. Please ensure the Maica Bank Account Number field is populated and not the standard Salesforce Account Number field. See the image below.


The Bank BSB that is used for processing a payment to the Provider.

Provider Email

The email address used when sending Invoices to a Provider.

To manage the ABN of your Providers / Organisations, ensure that you use the Australian Business Number (ABN) field and not the (DEPRECATED) ABN field

Path Settings

If you have not already done so, you need to enable Path Settings to ensure these can be displayed on the relevant Lightning Pages, such as Opportunity, Plan, Service Booking etc.

Please see the image below illustrating how to do this:

  1. In Setup, use the Quick Find box to find Path Settings

  2. Click Enable

Email Action

In order to send Participant Funding Statements and Invoices via Email from Maica, the Salesforce Lightning Email Action needs to be added to the Page Layout for the Contact and Invoice objects.

If you are using the Maica Page Layouts for these objects, then we have done this for you . If you wish to use your own Page Layout, say for Contact, then please ensure that the Lightning Email Action has been added.

Please see the image below illustrating how to do this:

Review Maica Duplicate Rule

Maica contains a Matching & Duplicate Rule combination to assist in the management of your Providers and Organisations within the standard Account object.

  • Matching Rule Name: Maica ABN Match

  • Matching Rule Criteria: The Matching Rule Criteria looks for an EXACT match of the data entered into the Maica Australian Business Number (ABN) field on the Account object

  • Duplicate Rule Name: Maica ABN Duplicate Rule

  • Duplicate Rule Conditions: Account: Australian Business Number (ABN) NOT EQUAL TO null

The Duplicate Rule has been configured with the following properties:

PropertySetting and Notes

Action on Create

Allow. This means that the Duplicate Rule will not prevent you from creating a new Account record even if there are other Account records with the same ABN.

Action on Edit

Allow. This means that the Duplicate Rule will not prevent you from updating an Account record even if there are other Account records with the same ABN.

Operation on Create

Operation on Edit

This means that users will be alerted when attempting to edit a new Account with the same ABN as an existing Account record(s).

Once you have reviewed the Duplicate Rule and ensured it is suitable, it will need to be Activated. You can do this from Setup --> Duplicate Rule and clicking the Activate button as per the image below.

Report Charts

Any Report Charts displayed on an object that contains a filter need to be quickly reconfigured following the installation. There is some Salesforce behaviour that prevents the filter from being added as part of the managed package install.

In order to do that, navigate to each of the objects listed below and click the Edit Page button, as shown in the image below.

With the Lightning Page in Edit mode, select the Report Chart and click the Filter By option to display the list of available filter options. The Maica charts will contain a single option for you to select.

Once you have selected the filter, Save and Activate the Lightning Page to ensure it has been applied correctly.

The following objects in Maica contain Report Charts that need to be configured:

  • ABA Export

  • Contact

  • Plan

  • Service Booking

  • Service Agreement

  • Opportunity

Import NDIS Support Item Catalogue

Support Items (Products) and Prices are a critical component and touch almost all parts of Maica, so creating (and maintaining) these records is critical.

Maica has an automated import utility to take the headache out of this task for you, so no more tweaking and comparing a new NDIS Support Catalogue with your own complex VLOOKUPS just to check what Products are new and what has changed from one Price Guide to the next.

Use the Data Import tool to create the following records following your Maica install:

  • Support Items (Products)

    • Plan Management - Financial Administration (14_034_0127_8_3)

  • Price Books

    • NDIS Support Catalogue 2023/24

  • Price Book Entries

    • The Price Book Entry links a Product to a particular Price Book for the price at that particular time

    • For example: Plan Management - Financial Administration (14_034_0127_8_3) is added to the NDIS Support Catalogue 2023/24 for $104.45

For more information on using Maica to load the NDIS Support Catalogue, see the following article.

Pricing is a critical component of the NDIS. We recommend learning more about the NDIS Pricing Arrangements here.

Synchronise Data with the NDIS

The final step before you start Empowering Your Participants with Maica is to synchronise data in the NDIS Portal with Salesforce. This ensures that all the relevant records are available and can be leveraged by Maica.

All synchronisation activities are dependent on your level of access in the NDIS Portal. Maica can only retrieve data that you have the required permissions and/or consent to access. This is particularly relevant for Plan Budget data.

The following data needs to be synchronised (in the following order):

NDIS Data ObjectSyncs To

Plan (and Plan Budget and Plan Goal)

maica__Plan__c maica__Plan_Budget__c maica__Plan_Goal__c

Service Booking (and Booking Item)

maica__Service_Booking__c maica__Booking_Item__c

This step is available on the Maica Settings Tab and described in more detail in the NDIS Synchronisation article.

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