Managing Connections

Learn about managing Connections between Contacts within Maica and Salesforce

We find that many times, it is important to record relationships between people in your client management system. This could include personal relationships as well as any other type of connection between people.

Maica offers a powerful way to capture and manage this for you, we call it Connections. The easiest way to access Connections is via the Participant profile under Related.

Most of the time Connections can be found under Related but your team can change where this appears by customising your Salesforce Page Layouts.

Before we get started with describing how Connections work in more detail, here are some useful things to know about this feature.

  • Connections are reciprocal which means we will create a corresponding Connection for both Contacts

  • You can create your own Connection types beyond what Maica offers out of the box simply by using our Settings page.

Go to the Managing Connections settings page to learn more about setting up Connection Types.

We have shown you below what a typical Connections record might look like on a Participant profile.

In order to create a new Connection, simply click the New button and complete the following fields:

  • Contact: Maica auto-populates this field with the name of the Contact the Connection record is connected to.

  • Related Contact: Specifies the Contact who's related to the person in the Contact field.

  • Type: Specifies how the Related Contact is connected to the Contact. In the below example, Andrew Milne is Luca Milne's parent.

  • Status: Specifies whether this is a current or former Connection.

  • Connection Explanation: Maica provides you with an English explanation of the Connection.

  • Reciprocal Connection: this is the Connection for the Related Contact for easy access.

Once these fields have been populated, a few additional options are available for you to record, including:

  • Primary Contact: When this option is selected, Maica will display the Related Contact on the Participant profile for ease of access to critical information. We have shown you a sample of this at the bottom of this article.

  • Next of Kin: Specifies that the Related Contact is the Next of Kin for the Contact.

  • Description: A place to add additional information about the Connection.

  • Statement Recipient: Specifies that the Related Contact is the recipient of the Statement.

  • Invoice Recipient: Specifies that the Related Contact is the recipient of the Invoice for self managed Service Agreements.

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