Invoice and Product Settings

Some new features have been added to Client Management Settings in the latest Maica release, specifically under Invoice Management and Product Management.

Invoice Management

We have added some additional features around configuring the behaviour of Invoices inside Maica, specifically they speak to the now difference between claim invoices and co-payment invoices. These are concepts introduced to the package along with other updates for administering Home Care Packages (HCPs) funding type Service Agreements within Maica.

Invoices now take two different forms, they are either part of a claim (claim invoices) co-payment invoices, which are sent directly to the participant. Now, you are able to set separate invoice behaviour between your claim and co-payment invoices.

You can set an Invoice Period and a start date for this period. We allow for the concept of a closed invoice now and you can set the status value that should be assigned to that invoice when it is closed at the end of the period. This means that for claimed invoices, the invoice status will be moved to paid at the end of the month which ensures that no additional line items are added to that invoice. So, even though the invoice is not being claimed or paid by the customer yet, it is actually a closed off invoice.

This allows you to complete a reconciliation process or make adjustments before you go through with your claim to Services Australia

Product Management

Previously, you had the ability to push Price Book updates out to Service Agreements. Now that we have introduced the ability to manage Home Care Service Agreements inside Maica, you are able to have multiple different funding streams for your Service Agreements and these all might require their own Price Books. In this case, you will need to get more granular with the way you want to push Price Book updates.

A typical use case in the Home Care scenario is when the government releases a new pricing structure on the 1st of July, you might want to identify a specific cohort of Service Agreements that you would like to update a new Price Book for. So, you can define the Price Book you wish to update and even set a date in the future to queue this update. This will set up an automated batch to run on the 1st of July to update all selected Price Books for all Service Agreements.

You can customise this even further with the filters in the top right hand side. For example, you can use the funding type attribute and update all Service Agreements with the funding type attribute Home Care Package.

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