Connections Management

Learn about managing the Settings for Maica Connections

As part of Maica's Connection feature, you can manage different types of Connections and their reciprocal settings.

To get started with configuring Connections, simply click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen and complete the following settings:

  • Gender Field: this field specifies the gender of the Contact for the purposes of creating a reciprocal Connection. For example, if you create a Connection from a "Mother" Contact record to a female Contact record, Maica creates a reciprocal Connection of "Daughter", as opposed to "Son".

Just below the Gender field, you will find all available gender field values for the selected Salesforce field. Maica uses the settings in these boxes to determine which values in the selected Gender field are Male and which are Female. Unselected values will be associated with Neutral gender.

The last step is to configure the Reciprocal Settings; Maica uses these settings in to determine reciprocal connections. If Salesforce can determine the contact's gender (based on the user-defined Gender field), then the reciprocal connection is created using the value that matches the gender. If no Gender is specified, then Neutral value will be used.

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