Appointment Services

Learn about managing Appointment Services

The challenge of integrating a billing engine with a scheduling and rostering engine is that the funding is usually held at either category or support item level whereas Appointments are scheduled for services to be delivered.

Appointment Services are the way Maica Client Care constructs what is being delivered within an Appointment. An Appointment Service is a collection of Support Items (Products) that are related for the purposes of billing.

It is the Appointment Service which allows Maica Client Care to abstract the need to select a specific Support Item at the time of managing an Appointment.

A typical scenario for using an Appointment Service would be to create a Physiotherapy Appointment Service and include all Support Items that relate to Physiotherapy whether this be Weekday, Weekend, Saturday, Sunday, Morning, Afternoon and so forth. You would bundle all Support Items under the Physiotherapy Appointment Service and then simply select this Appointment Service whenever Physiotherapy is being delivered regardless of when.

The invoicing flow (this will be developed with your team specifically for your team) will then automatically select the relevant and applicable Support Item when the billing engine requires this and the Appointment has been marked as Complete.

Setting up Appointment Services

There are two main parts to the Maica Client Care Appointment Service. The first part is the configuration of the Appointment Service attributes as listed below.

Field NameDescription

Appoinment Service Name

The Name of the Appointment Service (unique)

Claim Type

The applicable claim types for this Appointment Service


Any tags that apply to this Appointment Service; Tags can be used to easily find the relevant Appointment Service when using this within an Appointment.

The second part then focused on including the relevant support items and required skills. Each support item within Maica Client Care can be associated with only one Appointment Service as this enables reliable and consistent billing. To do this:

Lastly, you are able to associate a number of Skills with the Appointment Service; this means that when this Appointment Service is used within an Appointment, the rostering filters are preset using these Skills.

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