Statement Management

Learn how to setup, send and track the progress of participant monthly statement

Maica offers you the flexibility to manually send statements to all participants for a selected statement period, alternatively there is a set and forget method to send statements on a monthly basis. This article explains how this can be achieved directly in Maica Settings under Statement Management.

Before we get into the details, you will need to ensure two things:

  • The From Email Address is selected. This defines the email address that the statement is sent from. Be sure to firstly add this by navigating to Organization-Wide Addresses under Salesforce Setup.

    • Learn more about setting up an Organization-Wide Address here.

  • The Participant Statement Email Template is selected. This defines the email template containing the funding statement generated for the selected period.

Manually send monthly funding statements

With just a few clicks, Maica can send on demand statements to all your participants. Everything you need to configure this can be found in the Email Statements section:

  • Select the Statement Period via the Start Date and End Date and click Email Now.

  • A confirmation screen will be displayed immediately confirming this action, if you would like to proceed, click Confirm for Maica to send statements to your participants for the selected period.

Schedule and automatically send monthly funding statements

Maica can automate this monthly process for you so participants receive their monthly statements. You can do so by simply toggling the Schedule Statement to activate it and follow a few extra steps.

  • Once the Schedule Statement toggle is enabled, you will be prompted to assign the Day and Time in which the statement is sent to participants.

  • On save, Maica will calculate the next scheduled date to send the statement.

  • You can also track the progress and any errors during the statement run by accessing the report that is linked.

Please note: Salesforce enforces a limit of 5000 external emails each day. Any emails beyond the 5000 limitation will fail. You can read more in the following Salesforce Article.

Who Will Receive a Statement?

Maica provides the following two filter options where you can decide who will be included in the automated Statement process:

All Active Plans

  • Plan Start Date is less than or equal to the Start of the Month

  • Plan End Date is greater than or equal to the End of the Month

  • Exclude From Plan is not set to TRUE

Or, for a more technical user:

FROM Plan__c
WHERE Start_Date__c <= :startDate
AND End_Date__c >= :endDate
AND maica__Exclude_From_Statement__c != true

All Active Plans with Standard Bookings

This filter includes all the Plan based conditions described above with an additional filter added on the Service Booking object to include only those Plan records with an associated Standard Service Booking.

Or, for a more technical user:

AND (Id IN (SELECT maica__Plan__c FROM maica__Service_Booking__c WHERE maica__Booking_Type__c = 'ZSAG'))

Exclude from Plan

In the section above, you will have noticed a reference to a filter called Exclude from Plan. This filter references a handy checkbox on the Plan record that allows you to manually exclude a Participant from being included in the automated monthly Statement process.

For example: you have a Participant with an Active Plan in Salesforce who is no longer one of your clients. By setting Exclude from Statement = TRUE, this former client will not receive an automated Statement email.

For the automated Statement batch, the Start Date and End Date are set from the previous month.

For any manually sent Statements, the Start Date and End Date are set by the user using the filters in the Quick Action.

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