Claim Management Overview

Some new features have been added to Client Management Settings in the latest Maica release, specifically to the Claim Management section. We have included features centred around management of Service Agreements of the Home Care Package (HCP) funding type and to help facilitate the claiming process for these types of Service Agreements.

The following features are under the Home Care tab in Claim Management, in Client Management Settings.

Generate Bulk Commomwealth Unspent Amount File and Bulk Invoice Amount File

These are the two prescribed formatted CSV files that are ready for upload to Services Australia as part of the claiming processed for HCPs. To generate a file, simply select the Service Provider and the Period of the claim.

Selecting your Service Provider allows you to set up potentially multiple providers for different regions or different services that you might have as a provider.

You will be given a preview of how many Service Agreements are going to be included in the export file. Now, you can generate the CSV file ready for upload.

Bulk Commonwealth Unspent Amount File

This is a representation of the funds held by the provider on behalf of the Commonwealth.

Bulk Invoice Amount File

This is used to claim payment of services from Services Australia.

Process Claim Response File

Once you have received your claim re

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