Completing Appointments

Learn about quick completing of Appointments and associated details.

In addition to being able to check out of Appointments, the ability to quickly complete an Appointment exists in Maica Client Care to allow for a faster process of finalising Appointments.

The aim of the Quick Completion function for Appointments is to essentially bypass the check-in/out process and allow your care team to quickly and effecively close an Appointment as Completed. The following logic is applied by Maica Client Care when this happens:

  1. Actual Start Date/Time is recorded as per the Scheduled Start Date/Time

  2. Actual End Date/Time is recorded as per the Scheduled End Date/Time

  3. Checklist Items are created using the defaul status (as per Settings) if they are configured to

  4. Appointment Status is set to Complete

Optional Quick Completion Summary Screen

It is possible to optionally present the Appointment Summary to the end user when completing Appointments by using the Show Summary on Quick Complete setting under Appointment Management.

When this is selected, Maica Client Care will present the screen for any final amendments before submitting this Appointment for completion, as show below.

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