Contact Sharing Rules


Enter Setup, then search for Sharing Settings under Quick Find. When you open it, Organisation-Wide Defaults will appear and you should make sure that 'Contact' is set to private for both Internal Access and External Access.

You can do so by selecting Contacts from the drop down list and adjusting the settings.

When the sharing is set to private, a user can only see contact records that they created or they are the owner of. This is the default setting before our logic kicks in. Once you turn that off and before you do the next steps, that is what the permissions will look like for 'Contact' in your Salesforce instance.

Make sure that your users don't have a profile in the 'Profiles that Override Contact Sharing' list that has ticks. If they do, then these users can view and modify all the contacts.

You would want this for a system admin, but not for a regular user.

Once you have set the access to private, what you need to do is go to Client Care Settings. You will notice that there is a new setting under General Settings called Maica Managed Sharing. Ensure that this setting is enabled by clicking edit, switching the toggle and saving.

It might take a few minutes for any changes to take effect.

Sharing Records

The way you share records is via the resource participants object. You can see in the image below that Yuri Green has been shared with this user

If you would like to share another contact, simply press on the 'New' button in the top right corner of Resource Participants. Once the pop-up appears, choose a client from the list shown in the image below.

Then, provide a start date. If you would like, you could leave the end date blank, otherwise you can select a date for the access to be removed. It is likely that you will leave the end date blank.

Suppose you add Sarah Milne. Now, if you log in as this user, you can see Yuri Green's record and also Sarah Milne's record, which you have just added. Additionally, you can see any other records that are not in the list, but that you have created or that have been manually shared with you.

You can still share a contact from the regular contacts page.

For more information, please see the following video.

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