Billable Client Notes

To get started, you can use the + button that can be found in the top right corner of the system. This can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

You can also check the below interactive video to see Maica Billable Client Notes in action.

Billable Client Notes

When you press this button, you will see the Salesforce Global Actions and we have added Maica Actions to that. When you select Maica Actions, you will be presented with three possible options.

This article will focus on the New Client Note feature, but when you select any of the three, you will be presented with a pop-up and will not have to leave your current page.

New Client Note

When you select New Client Note, the category is defaulted to participant note. You can select a participant and it will validate that the service agreement actually has that service in it. You can associate the client note to a client goal and you can also insert a client note template.

The start time will be set to the current time and the end time will be a set time after the current time. See more here about the start and end times.

If the Client Note is not to be billable, then simply disable the 'Billable Client Note' toggle.

Next, you will be taken to another screen. On the next screen, we allow you to bring in custom fields. This is exactly how it functions within the appointment itself, where you can bring your own fields in. So, if you do create your own fields on client notes, they can be included in this client node experience.

When you go to the next screen, you can create tasks that you can assign to somebody in the system. You due date them and this creates a normal Salesforce task. If you want to attach a description, you can do so in the comments section. You can create as many tasks as you would like.

On the final page, you can attach some files. The files are going to attach themselves to the appointment and to the note as it does at the moment. After you save and close, the system will have created an appointment, which is marked as completed and the appropriate appointment service will have been put in.

Now, it is a billable appointment that we have created through a billable client note.

If you are in the planner, you can also click on new client note and follow the same process.

To make sure you can create Tasks, please ensure that Activites are enabled on the Maica Client Note object as shown in the below screenshot.

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