Log Object

Maica has logging feature to track the status of the async operations as well as the errors of the failed operations like NDIS Sync.

Log Object

Log object has the following fields:

Field NameNotes


The logging message that also shows the error description


This indicates the source of the log, that usually a background process. Possible options are:

* Sync Product Prices 
* Bulk Price Book Change
* Participant Statement Summary


Info option indicates the informational log. Error option indicates the failure occurred during the processing the background job.

Participant, Plan, Service Booking, Payment Request, Invoice, Invoice Line Item

Lookup to the record that is related to the log. The Logs related list is also available on the Maica objects.

Job Id

This is a system filed to group the apex batch operation. The chunks of a single batch job will have the same Job Id that indicates that logs are from the same batch.

Processor, Payload

System fields that sometimes populated with the apex class name and the input parameters of the failed process. This is mostly for System Administrator. Maica will provide an option to retry such failed processes in the future releases.

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