Delivery Activities

Learn about managing Client Care Delivery Activities

Delivery Activities are the ultimate output of work being done and recorded in Maica Client Care. The majority of the time, Delivery Activities will be the result of Appointments and services having been delivered to Participants.

Delivery Activities Attributes

The following Delivery Activities Attributes are applicable for the purposes of managing these records:



A link to the Paricipant (Contact) to whom the service was delivered.


The following values are available: Planned (the activity is planned to be delivered), Under Review (the activity experienced some validation errors, such as check-in times and needs to be reviewed), Cancelled (the activity has been cancelled and will be billed as a cancellation, if appropriate), Completed (this activity has been completed and is ready to be billed)


A link to the Appointment during which the service was delivered.

Appointment Service

The service delivered within the Appointment to the Participant, comprised of a number of related Support Items.


The Quantity is calculated in Hours for the purposes of being able to claim, for example, a 45 minute Appointment will be shown as 0.75.

Claim Type

The claim type as derived from the Appointment Service and selected by the end user at the time of managing the Appointment.

Support Item

The Support Item (Service) marked for billing and claiming; this is determined by the Billing processes within Maica.

Billing Status

The following values are available: Requested (the activity is requesting for billing), Pending (the activity has been marked for billing and is awaiting processing), Generated (this activity has been billed, Invoice Line Item has been generated, and is being claimed) Processed(the activity has been billed and claimed) Rejected(the activity has been rejected in the billing and claiming process)

Billing Date

The date on which the billing (Invoice Line Item) was created for the purposed of claiming.

Invoice Line Item

The actual Invoice Line Item created as part of the Maica Billing processes.

Agreement Item

The Service Agreement Item against which this service will be billed and claimed.

If the Maica Billing processes can't identify the relevant details, the Delivery Activity will be marked as Billing Status = Review.

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