General Settings

Learn about General Settings within the Maica Client Care Solution

On the General Settings tab, you are able to configure the following settings.

Schedule Horizon

The Schedule Horizon determines how far in advance Maica Client Care will generate upcoming recurring Appointments and Shifts. In other words, if the Schedule Horizon is set to 4 (weeks), then your recurring Appointments and Shifts will always be generated 4 weeks in advance.

This is not to be confused with the scheduled generation process only running every 4 weeks; it runs daily to generate 4 weeks in advance.

The maximum number of weeks the Schedule Horizon can be set to is 12.

Support Item Hours

Within the NDIS, the right Support Item to use during the invoicing and claiming process is determined by a number of attributes, including the Service Day and Service Time. For example, a service being delivered on a Monday at 10am is a different Support Item to a service being delivered on Monday at 3pm.

The Support Item Hours configured in General Settings helps Maica Client Care determine what time your organisation considers a specific time to be either Morning, Daytime, Afternoon, or Evening for the purposes of finding the right Support Item.

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