Resources Rostering

Learn about rostering Resources to Appointments

Rostering, to us, is the process by which Maica Client Care allows you to select the most appropriate Resource for any given Appointment. Of course, the word appropriate is where all the magic happens and we offer you four different dimensions by which we filter Resources, including:

  • Availability. This refers to the ability for the Resource to work the Appointment based on Daily Limit (Hours)

  • Workload. This refers to the information around weekly minimums to drive the workload for a given Resource, such as A Resource should work at least 32 hours per week.

  • Skills. This refers to any recorded Skills against a Resource such as `able to drive car` or able to administer medicine.

  • Attributes. This refers to any attribute on the Resource data object, such as Primary Language or Gender. These can be extended using the standard Salesforce processes.

  • Travel. This refers to the distance between the Appointment Location and the origin of travel for any Resource based on the sequence configured in Travel Management. Maica Client Care will sort available Resources based on the closest travel location to the Appointment.

Resource Score Analysis Logic

Resources (or Care Workers) are analysed when being allocated to Appointments in the context of selection criteria to ultimately determine an overall Matching Score using the described algorithm.

Maica Client Care offers the ability for each organisation to define the Importance Level for each of the above by setting a percentage value, as shown below (this essentially provides organisations with the ability to specify what they care about the most when it comes to ranking Resources):

CriteriaImportant Percentage













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