The Appointment Profile

Learn about Appointments and associated details

Appointments are the main way Maica Client Care manages work. The vast majority of what your team does is captured using Appointments, including direct services, support coordination, residential care and recurring Appointments. Appointments essentially capture who (Resources) is doing what (Appointment Service) to whom (Participants) when (Date) where (Location). This could include creating Appointments for multiple Participants and Resources at a time as well as group sessions.

Appointments are largely managed through the Planner which is described separately.

There are two parts to managing Appointments, the first one focuses on a range of attributes and the second one is a bunch of related information as described within this article.

Appointment Attributes

Appointment attributes are fields that are stored against the Appointment profile, for example Type or Status. Maica Client Care ships with a number of these attributes, as shown in the table below, and these can easily be extended using Salesforce's standard toolset.

Field NameField TypeNotes



A configurable list of types for the Appointment being managed.


Lookup to Shift

If Maica Client Care finds a Shift at the same time and at the same location as the Appointment, it will be possible to associate the Appointment with the shift.



Calculated based on Appointment activity

Scheduled Start


This is the date/time at which the Appointment is scheduled to start.

Scheduled End


This is the date/time at which the Appointment is scheduled to end.


Lookup to Location

A lookup to location at which the Appointment takes place where this is applicable.


Lookup to Accomodation

If the location has an asscoiated number of accomodation records, then these will be displayed for association.

This is primarily targeted at residential care and SIL use cases.

Maximum Attendees


Sets the maximum number of permitted attendees

Resources Required

Formula Field

Derived from Ratio

Resources Remaining

Formula Field

Derived from Appointment attendees

Appointment Schedule

Lookup to Appointment Schedule

Sets the recurring Appointment schedule

All standard Maica Client Care pick list values can be extended to suit your needs.

In addition to the standard attributes described above, Maica Client Care also provides a variety of related information to further manage the configuration of an Appointment.

Appointment Checklist

Maica Client Care supports the management of Checklists which allow your Resources to perform certain tasks outside of the actual Appointment service.

When creating an Appointment, Maica Client Care offers the ability to add a Checklist to an Appointment. This is then shown when checking into the Appointment and the Resource (Care Worker) completes these with the relevant details.

Appointment Resources

Appointment Resources capture who is delivering services within a given Appointment. This provides for the ability to allocate multiple Resources to an Appointment where this is required.

The Status of an Appointment Resource can be set according to your business needs and the default value for Status is configured under Settings -> Appointment Management -> Default Appointment Resource Status.

Client Notes

Client Notes canbe captured at the time of completing an Appointment. If multiple Participants are attending an Appointment and Client Notes are recorded, Maica Client Care will create an individual Client Note for each Participant.

Delivery Activities

Delivery Activities are the ultimate output of work being done and recorded in Maica Client Care. The majority of the time, Delivery Activities will be the result of Appointments and services having been delivered to Participants.

A Delivery Activity will be created for each Participant within an Appointment, so if two Participants are receiving any given service, the resulting output will be two Delivery Activities.

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