Service Agreement Overview

We have made numerous enhancements to the Service Agreement object.

You will notice that there is a new value available for the Funding Type Attribute on the left bar. We now allow you to select the Home Care Package Value and once this value is selected, the lightning page will dynamically update and display new components.

New objects include

New values have been added to the Status attribute on the left, such as On Leave and Draft. On Leave means that the Service Agreement has been placed on leave and Draft means that the Service Agreement is still being prepared.

The End Date value can now be left blank. Home Care Package agreements are usually open ended and do not have a defined end date.

Home Care Agreement

This contains a summary of information specifically relevant to the administration of a home care package as a service agreement and the delivery of services and management of the home care package budget.

The budget itself, as well as its component pieces of funding such as subsidies and supplements or fees that are outgoing are all managed under a plan record related to the service agreement.

To learn about Budget Management, see the following article

Estimated Expenditure

The Estimated Expenditure is a calculation that looks at Agreement Items set up against your budget. These agreement items will contain information around the services being delivered and the cost of those services. This is calculated monthly under the field shown below.

Home Care Account Balance

The Home Care Account Balance represents the balance of the package at the conclusion of the current claim period or the current month.

Projected Unspent Funds Balance

The Projected Unspent Funds Balance takes into account the package budget itself and its projected unspent funds. This will tell you what the estimated amount of funds available in the package budget at the end of the month. This considers the actual plan and budget itself, so subsidies and supplements that are being paid into the package budget as well as outgoings and the estimated expenditure. It also considers the current Home Care Account Balance and any Provider Held Commonwealth or Care Recipient Funds

Service Agreement Leave

Service Agreement Leave has been added in the most recent Maica release. Now, a Service Agreement can be placed on leave, using the four types of acceptable leave, according to the government legislation.

If the Agreement is on leave or a leave record is currently active, then the status of the Service Agreement will be marked as on leave.

Service Agreement Statements

Service Agreement Statements form a monthly summary of the Service Agreement. It will calculate all services delivered and the cost of these services throughout the claim period, as well as any fees, charges, client contributions or other outgoings that have been raised against the Service Agreement for the claim period. They are represented as a Service Agreement Statement.

Quick Actions

Discharging a Service Agreement allows you to close out delivery of services for the Service Agreement. Managing Services allows you to select services, procurement items or expense items that can be raised against this Service Agreement. Manage Budget is for setting up the home care package budget, calculating the fees and charges to be charged against the package as well as any subsidies or supplements that are being paid in.

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