Checking into Appointments

Learn about checking into Appointments and associated details.

The checking into Appointments is primarily done via the Maica Client Care Planner.

When checking into an Appointment, you are presented with a dialog showing essentially two distinct areas of input including Appointment Date Information and Appointment Checklist Information; this is further described in this article.

Appointment Date Information

Maica Client Care offers the configurable capability to ensure that Appointments are conducted within acceptable parameters, such as check-in and check-out time as well as duration. This part of the checkin process captures the relevant date information and validates that this Appointment is being conducted within the allowable parameters.

Please refer to the detailed description of the validation algorithm to better understand the logic used by Maica Client Care to ensure the integrity of Appointments.

Appointment Checklist Information

If a Checklist has been associated with an Appointment, the user is presented with the list of each Checklist Item and asked to capture the outcomes of each item.

The user is prompted for each Checklist Item, if so configured in Maica Client Care Settings, to provide further information to manage possible outcomes of Checklist Items.

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