Appointment Cost Calculation

Learn about how Maica Client Care calculates the cost of Appointments.

Maica Client Care calculates the cost of Appointments, both for single or recurring Appointments and validates this against an active service agreement for each participant, as shown in the below video.

Cost Calculation of a single Appointment

The cost of a single Appointment is calculated based on the applicable support item; this is determined by the Service Day, Service Time, as well as the associated appointment service from which the support items are taken.

Cost Calculation of a Recurring Appointment

The cost of a recurring Appointment takes the single Appointment cost calculation and spans this across the projected timeline of the recurring series. The following values are calculated:

  • Cost of the individual Appointment (any one instance within the recurring series)

  • Total Utilised which accumulates over time to add up to all Appointments in the recurring series

  • Total Remaining which are the funds remaining following the completion of the Appointments within the recurring series.

Price Book Selection based on Service Region

Maica offers the ability to charge different prices for the same Support Item depending on the Service Region, including:

  • Default

  • National Non Remote

  • National Remote

  • National Very Remote

In order for this to function correctly, select the Non Remote price book on the Service Agreement, as there are arranged by State and let Maica find the Remote and Very Remote.

In order for Maica to know which Price Book to use, an attribute called Service Region exists on both the Price Book and the Appointment. Maica uses the following execution logic to evaluate from which Price Book to draw the unit price of the support item:

  • If Service Region on the Appointment is marked as Default then pricing will be derived from the Service Aagreement, either using the associated Price Book or a stated Rate.

  • If Service Region is any other value, Maica will find the corresponding Price Book marked with the same Service Region as the Appointment and use this pricing.

In order to set the Service Region, bring this field into the Appointment using custom fields via Setting. The default value for Service Region is Default so if this feature is not required, simply don't change anything.

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