Invoice Generation Flow Logic

Learn about how Maica generates Invoices and Invoice Line Items

Maica Client Care can automatically generate Invoices upon the completion of Appointments as per the flow shown below.

For each Appointment Service for each Participant within an Appointment, Maica Client Care generates an associated Delivery Activity to capture the service, date, time, and participant having received the Appointment Service. It is these Delivery Activity that Maica Client Care's invoice generation flow uses to generate Invoices and Invoice Line Items.

The following logic applies to each claim type as specified on the Delivery Activity.

Caim TypeMaica Action Description

Provider Travel

When Provider Travel has been selected as the claim type for a given Delivery Activity, Maica Client Care will check the Chargable Travel Cap setting and ensure that only the maximum allowable amount can be charged. This calculation is done based on the Quantity on the Invoice when compared with the allowable kms from the Setting.


When Short Notice Cancellation has been selected as the claim type for a given Delivery Activity, Maica Client Care will check the Short Notice Cancellation Period setting and ensure that the delivery activity falls within the configured tolerance. For example, if the Short Notice Cancellation Period is set to 4 days and the delivery activity date is within 4 days or less, Maica Client Care will include this in the invoice. Where the tolerance has been exceeded, Maica Client Care will not include this in the invoice.


Maica Client Care supports ratios, which are set on the Appointment management screen for participants and resources. The following calculation logic applies: (Number of Resources * Unit Cost of Service)/Number of Participants

All Others

All other claim types are automatically included in the invoice as generated following the completion of the Appointment.

Checking for existing Invoice

As the invoice generation flow runs, it will check for an existing invoice within the period of invoicing, for example weekly will result in a weekly invoice to be generated. If an existing invoice has been found, Maica Client Care will add invoice line items to this invoice. Where an invoice is not found (for example, at the beginning of the invoice period), Maica Client Care will generate an invoice.

This generation flow can be amended (or disabled) to implement your required logic using standard Salesforce Flow configuration.

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