Known Issues & Gotchas

There is no such thing as perfect right.....

Whilst we have tried our very best to create the most seamless possible experience for Maica users, there are some known issues and 'gotchas' that we have found along the way.

We have listed these below and, where possible, the resolution and/or work-around.

Duplicate Rule Clash

As part of a Maica package install or upgrade, you may receive the following error:

SortOrder must be in sequential order from 1.
Account.ABN_Matching: SortOrder must be in sequential order from 1.

This is due to a duplicate rule on the standard Account object that is included in Maica to assist in the management of your Providers and Organisations. The details are below:

  • Matching Rule Name: Maica ABN Match

  • Matching Rule Criteria: The Matching Rule Criteria looks for an EXACT match of the data entered into the Maica Australian Business Number (ABN) field on the Account object

  • Duplicate Rule Name: Maica ABN Duplicate Rule

  • Duplicate Rule Conditions: Account: Australian Business Number (ABN) NOT EQUAL TO null

In order to solve this, you need to have a second Duplicate Rule on the Account object. If you already have one (which many users will) then great, otherwise you can use the standard Salesforce rule. This is appropriately called the Standard Account Duplicate Rule.

This Duplicate Rule can be found by navigating to Setup and typing duplicate as per the image below:

Once you have found the Duplicate Rule, you need to do the following to solve the SortOrder issue and install or upgrade the Maica package:

  1. Click the Reorder link (see above)

  2. Click the Order arrow (in green) and ensure that the Maica ABN Duplicate Rule is not the first Rule in the list, i.e. it is not Order = 1

Once you have completed the steps above, you should now be able to successfully install or upgrade Maica in your Salesforce instance.

If you already have your own Duplicate Rule(s) on Account, you can use this instead of the Standard Account Duplicate Rule described above.

Page Layouts and Lightning Pages

This one falls more into the gotcha category than known issue.

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