Status & Leave Management

Some updates have been made in Maica that will help you manage the status of your Service Agreements for Home Care Packages. Additionally, we have added a handful of new features.

Previously, we had a very simple status workflow of pending active and completed, which was largely driven by our stand and end date values on our Service Agreements. Now, as we are administering Home Care Packages, there is some additional complexity we wanted to ensure that you were able to manage on Service Agreements of the Home Care Package funding type.

As we know, Home Care Package Agreements generally have no end date. So, we have updated the status workflow to ensure that it remains active, even with no end date.

Draft Service Agreement

You can add the Draft Service Agreement attribute to your Page Layout. When this box is checked, it overrides other status values and you will see that the status has been set to draft.

If you would like to configure the budget or add services, then you should put the Service Agreement into draft status. This way, you can set everything up before you start charging fees.

Once your Service Agreement is ready, you can uncheck the box to take it out of draft mode.

Service Agreement Leave

It is now possible to set up a leave event against a Service Agreement. If you do, then Maica will determine whether the leave period overlaps with the current date. If it does, then it will update the status value to on leave.

At the time of writing, the date is 20/12/2023. Therefore, the Leave Status has been updated to On Leave, as today's date is contained within the Service Agreement Leave.

Discharge Service Agreement

A quick action to discharge a Service Agreement has been added, which will generate a discharge statement and update the status to discharged.

These new features will help you better manage the status of your Service Agreements.

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