Participant Overview

Learn about how Maica helps you manage key information about your Participants and any related Individuals

In Maica, Participant's, and all other individuals for that matter, are managed as Contact records. It's that simple. Contact records are the place where you capture and manage the attributes and information about people you interact with, for example:

  • Personal Information (i.e. Name)

  • Contact Information (i.e. Phone and Email)

  • Address Information

  • Demographic Information (i.e. Birthdate, Age, Primary Language)

  • NDIS Number

  • Communication Preferences

Whether you are an existing Salesforce user, or new to the application, you will likely interact with Contact records frequently and quickly learn how they are used.

If you are looking for an overview of how Contacts work in Salesforce, Trailhead has a number of great learning resources, including hands-on challenges and modules.

Participant Record

Maica provides dedicated Contact Page and Lightning Page layouts, containing some key pieces of information you will likely want to access and manage for your Participants.

The section below describes the key Maica components of these layouts in more detail.

Synchronise Participant Information Quick Action

Accurate Participant data is critical to servicing your clients and bringing certainty to your NDIS engagement. Use the Synchronise Participant Information Quick Action to do exactly that and ensure you always have the latest information about the Participant from PRODA.

The Sync performs quite a few functions, so it has its own dedicated Knowledge Base page so that you can read up on all the features. Check it out 👇

Participant PRODA Sync

Participant Funding Statement Quick Action

Send your Participant a Funding Statement at any time with our handy Quick Action. Like the Participant Sync, the Statement has a dedicated Knowledge Base page so that you can read up on how the Statement is put together and what data is displayed. Check it out 👇

Participant Statement

Plan Summary Component

This handy component summarises key information from the Participant's Plan directly on the Contact record. Meaning, you don't have to go digging around related records to get a quick, at a glance view of the Participant's Plan!

Service Booking Summary Component

Like a sibling to the Plan component ☝️, this one summarises the key period and budget information for any active Service Booking records associated with the Participant.

These components are hidden if the Participant has no active record(s)

Report Charts

We like charts, who doesn't and the Salesforce ones are some of the best at visually representing data in your system. So, it would make sense then that the Maica Contact Layout includes a few of these. Our layout includes the following charts to quickly render a view of the Participant's Service Booking data:

Description: This chart displays a view of the Participant's Active Service Booking funding grouped by Support Purpose

Report: Active Service Booking Utilisation (Pur)

Using the Maica Contact Layouts

If you would like to utilise our Page and/or Lightning Layouts, all you need to do is assign it to the relevant Profile/App etc as per the images below and voila! 🎉

Page Layout

This is done via the Setup or Object Manager view of the Contact object. From the Contact object menu, go to Page Layouts and click Page Layout Assignment.

Lightning Layout

This is also done via the Setup or Object Manager view of the Contact object. From the Contact object menu, go to Lightning Record Pages --> Maica Contact Record Page and click View. The Lightning Page will open in read-only mode (as it is part of a managed package) and you can then click Activation to display the screen below.

If you already have a Contact Page Layout that works for you, you by no means have to use our layout. If you like specific elements, feel free to add them to your layout.

Also, you can also take our layouts--> clone them and reconfigure/extend them further with your own attributes and related lists to ensure they really suit your way of working and how you capture and manage Participant information.

Up to you!

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