Invoice Scheduling

Setup Invoices to generate based on a period you define

  • The Provider Invoice Number is blank

  • If you select Reflect Plan Dates, the invoices will be generated going forward based on the Plan Date Range

    • This essentially defines the period, or book ends, for which the batch should generate Invoices

    • The Maica batch creates Invoice records based on the Next_Scheduled_Date__c on Invoice

      • This date is calculated by our logic in the relevant Maica trigger and gets populated with +1 month (for Monthly frequency) until it’s less than TODAY starting from the Schedule_Start_Date__c

  • Then Schedule_Start_Date__c is the base for the calculation

    • In a loop we add 1 month to the Schedule_Start_Date__c until it’s greater than or equals to TODAY then we set the Next_Scheduled_Date__c with the value

    • Using the Plan Start Day (not Date) as the Anchor Date

  • The screenshot below should help with all of this the Plan Start Date was 10/06/2021

  • See the mapping for reference:

    • Invoice.Schedule_Start_Date__c = Invoice.Schedule_Plan__c.Start_Date__c

    • Invoice.Schedule_End_Date__c = Invoice.Schedule_Plan__c.End_Date__c

  • Essentially, the invoice series will use the first invoice as a template and clone this based on the period, i.e. monthly

    • The Schedule Source Invoice is populated with this first Invoice record

CC: @Dmitry Lisovsky if I have missed anything!

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