Travel Management

Learn about Travel Management within the Maica Client Care Solution

Maica Client Care provides the ability to generate travel timesheets and expense claims; this setting allows you to manage the components of this feature as shown in the screenshot below.

Setting ItemDescription

Enable Travel Management

This either enables or disables the ability to manage travel directly from within an Appointment and for Maica Client Care to generate travel claims.

Reimbursement Rate

The reimbursement rate is used when calculating the overall financial value for an expense claim, for example a rate of $0.10 across 5km would result in a financial value of $0.50.

Default Expense Status

When Maica Client Care generates expense claims, it uses the Default Expense Status to populate the Status field on the expense. This allows you to cater the approval process for expense claims according to your needs.

Travel Claim Type

Within the NDIS, several claim types exist to invoice and bill for services. This setting defines the claim type to be used when generating travel claims; by default this is set to Provider Travel.

Travel Timesheet Activity

When Maica Client Care generates a timesheet for travel, this setting defines the Support Item being used to do so.

Travel Appointment Service

This is the Appointment Service from which Maica Client Care will select the Travel Support Item against which to bill for km travelled.

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