Maica PACE Compliance Setup

Learn about how Maica is getting ready for PACE and how you can test for these changes in your environment.

We have made the following changes to Maica Client Management to enable the integration of PACE changes into the solution:

  • Updated the post-install script to create new PACE Support Category records

    • This will be triggered on package upgrade also, so the new records will be created in existing Maica environments

  • Updated the Participant Synchronisation process to handle the following scenarios:

    • Retrieve PACE Plan records via the PACE API

    • Skip the Service Booking synchronisation step for PACE Plans

    • The above has been updated for both individual and bulk sync, as well as web-hook triggered sync

  • Updated the Plan Budget sync to handle new PACE Support Category values and Category only funding

  • Updated the Plan Goal sync to handle new PACE Fields

  • Updated the Invoice Entry user interface to validate Participant funding against the Plan/Plan Budget for PACE Participants

    • For non-PACE Participants, the existing validation logic against the Service Booking is unchanged

  • Updated the Payment Request submission logic (request sent to the NDIS) to support PACE claiming logic

As PACE is not yet live, we offer a BETA package available that we can install into a fresh, dedicated PACE Sandbox for testing this.

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