Record Client Notes

Learn about capturing Client Notes using Maica Client Care

Maica Client Care allows you to capture Client Notes based on Client Note Templates as shown in the below video:

Creating a new Client Note

A new client note can be created in one of two ways, either directly from the Participant profile (Salesforce Contact profile) or when completing an Appointment.

When creating a new client note directly from a Participant's profile, the activity of recording the client note is not considered to be a billable task and the Maica invoicing engine will not process this as a billable activity.

When creating a client note during the completion of an Appointment, it is considered a billable activity and will be processed during the invoicing schedule.

Selecting the Client Note Template

During the process of creating a new client note, Maica Client Care will display all available client note templates to you and pre-select the first one for inclusion.

Once you have selected the relevant client note template, simply confirm and Maica Client Care will create your new client note using the content from the client note template.

If you would like to default your client notes to not have any pre-defined text at all, simply create a Default client note template with no template text.

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