How to setup

To make the NDIS Notifications working you have to do the following:

  1. Create a Site. Make sure it's active. Usually we name it NDIS Notifications.

  2. Assign Handle NDIS Notifications permission set to Site Guest User. This permission set grants the access to Maica objects that will be updated as per NDIS event payload.

  3. Make sure the Site Guest User has a proper timezone as Salesforce sets GMT by default

  4. Navigate to Maica Settings -> NDIS Notifications

  5. Find and choose the created Site in the Notifications Endpoint (Site) lookup

  6. Click Subscribe All button

These process creates the subscriptions on NDIS side, from now the events will be handled by Maica.


Note, the subscription to events is created with the private key generated on the Salesforce side. That means no other than NDIS endpoint can push data to Salesforce public site as Maica always checks that notification payload is signed with a private key.

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