Logs Management

Learn how to manually and automatically delete Log records.

Maica tracks all synchronisation outcomes:

  • Error

  • Information

  • Warning

Learn more about Log Management here.

These logs are created and tracked in a single Salesforce report which can be accessed by clicking on Logs.

These logs consume your system’s storage so it’s important that they are deleted either manually or automatically via a scheduled deletion. Both methods can be done via the Logs Management settings.

Whether you choose to delete log issues manually or automatically (daily), you first need to configure the Deletion Settings.

To filter the Log records that you want to delete, adjust the Older than [1] field and choose the Log Types [2] by selecting them:

This will update the Logs Summary [1] with the number of logs to be deleted. To manually delete the Logs, tick Confirm deletion [2] and then click Delete [3]:

To automatically delete the logs, set the Daily Automatic Logs Deletion Time [1] and click Enable [2]

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