Editing Appointments

Learn about editing existing Appointment and associated details.

The editing of existing Appointments is primarily done via the Maica Client Care Planner.

Edit an existing Appointment

You are able to edit an existing Appointment by clicking on it in the Planner which will present the dialog shown below with the following sections.


Basic Details

This section shows the Participants, Resources, Date & Time Information as well as the Type of Appointment. This is aimed at showing you quickly who is attending and who is delivering services on what date and and what time.

Service Items

This section lists all captured Appointment Services to be delivered to each Participant. This is read-only when editing an Appointment and any changes to Appointment Services require a new Appointment.


This section enables the editing of the Location at which the Appointment is being held including a lookup to an existing Location, a Participant Mailing Address, or a manually-entered Address for this Appointment only.

Additional Information

The focus of this section is to edit the Shift and Checklist applicable to this Appointment. The Shift lookup is filtered by active Shifts at the same Location that the Appointment is being held.

Appointment Notes

Appointment Notes provide for the ability to add notes, descriptions, or instructions to the Appointment as free text to provide further context around the Appointment itself.

Recurring Schedule

Editing the Recurring Schedule for an Appointment has a number of impacts on future Appointments so we have described this further in more detail here.

When editing Appointments, the following actions are available to you.

Editing an Appointment

You can start editing your Appointment by clicking the Pencil icon on the bottom right and the various sections described above become available to make changes to. Once you have made the changes, either click the Tick icon or the Undo icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Editing the Recurring Schedule

Editing the Recurring Schedule of an existing Appointment offers the following options to you.

Edit the First Appointment

The first Appointment in a series of Recurring Appointments is seen to be the blueprint of what will be created in future Appointments. This includes all details for the Appointment, such as Participants, Resources, Location, etc. This means that any changes made to the first Appointment will reflect on all future Recurring Appointments being generated and therefore changes might need to be considered carefully.

Maica Client Care will prompt you to confirm that you would like to apply changes to all future Appointments as shown below.

Edit a Subsequent Appointment

Editing any subsequent Appointment within a series of Recurring Appointments gives you the option to either apply changes to just the Appointment being edited or to all future Appointments.

If you select to apply changes only to the Appointment being edited only, then Maica Client Care will remove the Recurring Schedule from this Appointment and effectively turn this Appointment into a single Appointment with all changes reflected.

Cancel an Appointment

When Appointments are cancelled, Maica Client Care will mark any existing Delivery Activities (the services a Participant was scheduled to receive) as cancelled rather than simply delete the Appointment and associated information.

Maica Client Care supports two scenarios in which Appointments can be cancelled, including:

  • Single Appointments are cancelled by simply setting all related Delivery Activities to cancelled and the Appointment Status is also set to cancelled. Appointments are not deleted.

  • Recurring Appointments are cancelled for either only the specific Appointment being managed or for any future Appointments part of the Appointment Schedule.

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