Skills Management

Learn about managing Skills and Resource Skills

Maica Client Care allows you to manage a range of Skills across your team as well as use those Skills when rostering resources. Skills are a generic list of items that you can specify across a configurable set of categories, such as Driving a Car or Administering Medicine but you could also use Skills to specify qualifications such as Working with Children Check or Qualified Level 3 Nurse.

Managing Generic Organisational Skills

To get started with Skills, simply navigate to the Skills tab within Maica Client Care and click the New button.

This will present a standard Salesforce user interface to add the records; keep in mind that this is a generic list of all your organisational Skills. We will learn later in this article about how to assign these Skills to the Resource profile.

To add a new Skill, simply add a unique Name to the record and select the Category to which you would like to allocate the Skill.

Category names can be changed using the standard Salesforce setup via the Object Manager.

Assigning Skills to Resources

Once your organisational Skills are set up, you can now allocate them to your Resources (Care Workers) by opening a Resource Profile and navigating to the Skills related list, as shown below.

To allocate an existing organisational Skill to a Resource, simply click the New button in the top right hand side and complete the required details, including the following data columns.

Field NameField TypeNotes


Lookup to Skill

This is a lookup to the unique organisational Skill which has been configured as per the above.


Lookup to Resource

This will be preset to the Resource profile you are currently managing.

Start Date


A Start Date can optionally be configured to limit the time a Resource Skill is active for.

End Date


An End Date can optionally be configured to limit the time a Resource Skill is active for.



Allows you to take any additional notes on the Skill if required.

The screen below shows you what a completed Resource Skill could look like and this is then used when rostering Resources to Appointments.

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