Appointment Sections

Learn about configuring various sections for an Appointment.

When creating or managing Appointments, it is possible to configure what sections become available depending on the selected Appointment Service.

Available Appointment Sections

The following Appointment Sections are available within Maica Client Care and can be enabled/disabled for any given Appointment Service.

Appointment SectionDescription

Basic Details

These are the basic details of an Appointment, including Start Time, End Time, Participants, Appointment Services and Resources.


This determines where any particular Appointment will take place, including options such as selecting a Location, a Participant's address, or manually entering an address.


This enables recurring Appointments that are created on a schedule until an end date is reached (or forever if not selected) or until a defined number of Appointments have been reached.

Additional Details

This captured details such as Checklists, Shifts, Status, and Type information about any given Appointment.

Custom Fields

Maica Client Care allows for the inclusion of your own custom fields when either creating or managing Appointments. This section displays these fields when selected.

Client Note(s)

This allows you to take a Client Note at the time of creating or managing the Appointment, including the use of Client Note Templates.


This allows for the inclusion of instructions which essentially is free text to capture context for the Appointment.


This displays the summary of the Appointment, including Appointment Services and Costs.

If multiple Participants have been selected to the Appointment, Maica Client Care will create an individual Client Note for each Participant.

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