Rostering Management

Learn about Rostering Management within the Maica Client Care Solution

Rostering is an important part of the scheduling and resource management process which focuses on allocating the most appropriate resources (care workers) to Appointments. Maica Client Care offers a number of Settings on how this allocation is managed, as shown in the screenshot below.

Matching Score Importance Level

As Maica Client Care calculates the Overall Matching Score for resources, it is possible for you to assign an importance level to each criteria used in this calculation. This means, you are able to set what is more important when finding and allocating resources; for example, if assigning a higher percentage to Skills, then the algorithm will attribute a higher percentage to the matching of Skills in preference of another dimension.

Other Settings

When resources create unavailability records (pending permissions), this Settings determines what Status will be used when this record is created. This essentially allows you to build any relevant approval process around unavailability as per your organisational requirements.

Recurring Shifts

Maica Client Care offers an automated process of generating Shift records. The Recurring Shifts Creation Time sets the time at which this automatic and background process is run.

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