Payment Request Overview

Learn about this very important piece of the claiming puzzle.

If you are using Maica to help automate your claiming processes, Payment Request records are going to be part of your day-to-day work. If you are not using Maica in a claiming capacity, then Payment Request records will not be created and you can move on to the next section of this Knowledge Base!

Put very simply, the Payment Request record represents an attempt to claim a specific amount of money (the Claimed Amount) from PRODA. These records will be dynamically created, regardless of your nominated Claim Method (API or BPR File), however, the Claim Method will impact how these Payment Request records are updated with the resulting claim information, i..e Status and Paid Amount. More on all that is in the article below.

A Payment Request record is where you can find the following information and functionality:

  • Claimed Amount and Date

  • Paid Amount and Date

  • NDIS Claim Information (NDIS Reference, Claim Reference, Last Sync Date (API only))

  • Claimed Support Item

  • Error Details / Rejection Reason (if rejected)

  • Related ABA Export record

Field Summary

The table below summarises the key fields you will find on the Payment Request record.


Claimed Amount

The Amount submitted to PRODA for Claiming. This value is taken from the Invoice Line Item.Claim Balance at the time of creation.

Claim Date

The date the claim was submitted to PRODA. Set to TODAY

Reject Reason

If the Payment Request was rejected by PRODA, this field represents the reason (reason code) they provide.

Paid Amount

The actual amount paid by PRODA. This may be different to the Claimed Amount. This is populated based on the Claim Method: API: populated via the Remittance Notification BPR File: populated via the BPR Remittance File


Paid Date

The date the Paid Amount was paid by PRODA. This is populated based on the Claim Method: API: set to the date the Remittance Notification was received BPR File: set to the date the BPR Remittance File

import was processed

Not Paid Amount

Formula field representing the amount not paid by PRODA, or the Claimed Amount less the Paid Amount. IF(ISBLANK( maica__Claimed_Amount__c ), 0, maica__Claimed_Amount__c - maica__Paid_Amount__c)

ABA Export

The ABA Export that the Payment Request has been included in. You can learn more about that here.

NDIS Reference

The identifier or reference assigned to the Payment Request once it has been submitted for claiming via the API. This is provided in the response from the API and populated in Salesforce. Note: to ensure consistency in the Payment Request records, the NDIS Reference will be populated with the Claim Reference when Claim Method = BPR File

Claim Reference

Formula field that generates a unique value that is used to identify the Payment Request in the BPR File claiming process.

Claim Reference Index

Replica of the Claim Reference field but created as a Text (External ID) field to leverage Salesforce indexing and support working with large data volumes. Managed via a Maica Trigger.

Last NDIS Sync

The date and time of the last sync with PRODA. Populated only when the Claim Method = API.

Error Details

Stores the details of any unexpected errors returned in the API submission to PRODA. Populated only when the Claim Method = API.

Payment Request Status Definition

The table below breaks down each Payment Request Status value and how it is managed.



The Payment Request has not been successfully submitted for processing to PRODA.

Set via the API response from PRODA. Not applicable when Claim Method = BPR File.


The Payment Request has been returned from PRODA as it considers details missing. Please review/amend and resubmit using the Claim button at the Invoice level.

Set via the API response from PRODA. Not applicable when Claim Method = BPR File.

Awaiting Approval

The Payment Request has been submitted to PRODA and Maica is awaiting a response.

The Payment Request will be set to this Status following the BPR File export. Not generally applicable when Claim Method = API as the response is real-time.

Pending Payment

The Payment Request has been accepted/approved by PRODA and Maica is awaiting payment confirmation.

When Claim Method = BPR File, the Results file import will set this Status for all SUCCESSFUL rows in the file.


The Payment Request has been cancelled by a Maica user via the Credit Management QA (at the Invoice level) or the Cancel QA at the (Payment Request level).

Applies only when the Credit Management Quick Action is used at the Invoice level OR the Payment Request has been updated directly using the Cancel QA (defined below).


The Payment Request has been rejected by PRODA.

When Claim Method = BPR File, the Results file import will set this Status for all ERROR rows in the file.


The Amount (from the Paid Amount field) has been processed by PRODA.

Cancel Payment Request QA

Not all Payment Request records that are submitted to PRODA as part the BPR File Claiming process are successful. You will at times receive an error in your BPR Response file where you may need to address the issue directly within PRODA.

In this scenario, once you have made the necessary updates in PRODA, you then need to Cancel the existing Payment Request in Salesforce to support reclaiming. You can do this by simply by clicking the Cancel Quick Action in the Payment request record header.

Once you click Cancel, you will be presented with the modal below. Select the appropriate Reject Reason and be sure to add any Error Details in the textbox to keep a record in Salesforce of the Error and what was done to rectify it.

Once you click Save, the Payment Request Status will be set to Cancelled and the Reject Reason and Error Details will be saved also.

You should not Cancel any Payment Request in the Status of Awaiting Approval if you have not uploaded the BPR Results file.

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