Step 7: Completion

Learn about capturing basic details for the new Appointment

The last tab summarises the Appointment and asks the end user to confirm the Duration and the Quantity.

The Quantity is populated based on the recurring schedule of the Appointment. If, for example, the Appointment is recurring for 4 weeks, once a week, then the Quantity would be automatically calculated to be 4.

Once the details of the Appointment have been confirmed, the Submit button will create the Appointment and all related information as detailed in the table below.

Appointment DataNotes

Appointment Details

These are the various attributes of the Appointment itself, such as Type, Status, Start Date, etc.

Appointment Resources

These are the Resource(s) allocated to the Appointment with their associated status, as per Settings.

Appointment Checklist

These are the Checklist Items allocated to the Appointment with the associated organisational Checklist.

Client Notes

All Client Notes captured within the Appointment.

Delivery Activities

Maica Client Care creates a dedicated Delivery Activity for each Participant for each Service being delivered.

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