Step 1: Basic Details

Learn about capturing basic details for the new Appointment

The first tab captures the basic details of the Appointment, as described in the below table.

The validation logic ensures that the selected Participants have the relevant and required Support Items in their Service Agreements. Where this is not the case, Participants will be marked in red (as shown) and the Next button becomes available. This is the only physical restriction that Maica Client Care enforces where the user can't continue to create the Appointment.

Captured InformationDescription


This allows for the selection of Participant(s) by simply typing a name of a Participant (or multiple) or by clicking on the Filter icon which allows for smarter selection of Participants.


This allows for the selection of Resource(s) by simply typing a name of a Resource (or multiple) or by clicking on the Filter icon which allows for smarter selection of Resources.

Date Details

The date details are pre-populated from the Planner so there is nothing to do for the user if the dates/times are set correctly. This step of the process also offers the opportunity to mark the Appointment as happening right now which will set the date and time to the current date & time.

Appointment Service

Appointment Services are the work to be done during the Appointment itself. These services are configured using Appointment Services within Maica Client Care which allows for the specification of included Support Items as well as required Skills to deliver the service.

You can learn more about adding Appointment Services to the Appointment here.

Appointment Services

There are two ways to add a new Appointment Service to the Appointment; the first one is to simply type the name of the service (such as Occupational Therapy) and select this when Maica Client Care shows the available values. The second method is to type in any key words configured within the tags of the Appointment Service. This will also show the available services for selection.

You can add multiple Appointment Services by clicking the + button.

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