NDIS Integration

Easily manage your device connection with PRODA

Now, perhaps the most important step in your post-install process is managing the connection of your Salesforce instance to PRODA and the NDIS APIs. In order to do this, both your Organisation and a Software Instance, or Device, must be registered within PRODA. As part of this process, a Device Activation Code (DAC) will be provided by PRODA during software instance registration that will be required by Maica so we can activate the device on your behalf.

Now this may all sound a little scary, but rest easy as team at Maica has simplified and streamlined this process as much as possible. There are, however, some specific steps that only you can complete. We have described these in detail below and you can also always contact Maica Support to help should you find yourself at any point.

Activate PRODA Device

As part of the post-install process, prior to using Maica, you need to activate your PRODA device. An active PRODA device is required in order for Maica to use any of the API functions, without this, it will be like a car with no petrol....you won't be able to go anywhere!

As a pre-requisite to this step, we have assumed that you have completed the following steps:

  • Created and verified your PRODA account

  • Created and registered your B2B Device within PRODA

If you need any assistance with the above, the NDIA has published the PRODA Step-by-step guide that includes instructions and screenshots to guide you through the two steps above.

Device Registration in PRODA

When you register the device within PRODA, please ensure you take note of the below and the following details:

  • The Device Name must be maica

  • Please make sure the Device Name is all lowercase

  • When you are provided with your Device Activation Code (DAC), store somewhere safe - you cannot get this detail once you leave this screen

To make it easier - feel free to copy the Device Name below!


That's the hard part done! 🎆

Now, with the above steps completed, take note of your Organisation ID, or RA Number, and your Device Activation Code as we will need these in Maica to complete the activation process.

Device Activation via Maica Settings

In order to activate your newly created PRODA device, navigate to Maica Settings and the NDIS Integration tab, as illustrated in the screenshot below:

All you need to do from here, is populate the Organisation ID and the Device Activation Code with the details you were issued following completion of your B2B Device Registration in PRODA.

Click Submit Device Activation Details to complete your part of the process. This will notify the Maica team to complete the registration on our side. Successfully submitting the activation will present the following:

Extend PRODA Device

Nothing lasts forever and this is true of your PRODA device activation! When you initially activate the device, the expiry date is set by PRODA, indicating the date the device will be disabled by PRODA and can no longer be used to communicate with the APIs without being extended, or a new device created.

When the device is initially registered, Maica stores the Device Expiry Date, so we can help manage this process and ensure that you are alerted well ahead of time so you can extend the device and ensure continuity of your access to the APIs.

Failing to extend or activate a new device prior to the Device Expiry Date will result in the device being disabled by PRODA and Maica will be unable to communicate with any of the NDIS API functions.

Viewing your Device Expiry Date

Once you have completed the device activation process, the NDIS Integration tab will display the Device Expiry Date that has been set by PRODA. This is displayed clearly in an orange panel to ensure that it cannot be missed!

Device Extension via Maica Settings

Once you have successfully activated the PRODA device, the NDIS Integration tab in Maica Settings takes on a different function. You will now see different details to help you manage the current Device Expiry Date and the extension of your PRODA Device.

To manage the Device Extenstion process, the following is displayed:

  • Device Expiry Date: the current Device Expiry Date is displayed in a vibrant orange panel so you can clearly see the date at which the device will be expired

  • Extend Device Activation: the Extend button is now displayed to increase the current device activation period, meaning the Device Expiry Date will be extended further into the future, increasing the valid time period.

You can extend the Device Activation at any time prior to the Device Expiry Date via Maica Settings. Doing this prior to the Device Expiry Date will extend the current device and ensure that you do not need to create and register a new PRODA device.

Should your PRODA device expire, you will have to create and register a new device within PRODA. An expired device cannot be extended.

Device Expiry Email Notification

As mentioned above, Maica stores the Device Expiry Date when the device is activated. On top of this, we have added a handy daily process to check the Device Expiry Date and send an email reminder to notify you of the pending expiry so you can extend the device and avoid any disruption.

Found under Maica Settings --> Email Management, you can configure the following:

  • Email Template: The Salesforce Lightning Email Template you would like to send

    • Note: feel free to use ours - its called Maica PRODA Device Expiry Reminder

  • Days Prior to Expiry: The number of days prior to the the Device Expiry Date that you would like to be notified to extend the device

  • Recipient: The user you would like to receive the email notification.

    • Note: this must be an Active Salesforce user

Expired PRODA Device

If you fail to extend the PRODA Device via Maica Settings prior to the Device Expiry Date, PRODA will disable your device and the following message will be displayed via the NDIS Integration tab of Maica Settings:

Furthermore, accessing any of the PRODA and API-specific functions within Maica when your device is expired will display the following message. You will not be able to complete any of these actions/processes as Maica does not submit any requests to the API when the device is expired.

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