Import Support Item Catalogue

Import NDIS Products & Prices into Maica

Support Items (Products) and Prices are a critical component and touch almost all parts of Maica, so keeping these records up to date and consistent with the NDIS is critical.

Maica has an automated import utility to take the headache out of this task for you, so no more tweaking and comparing a new NDIS Support Catalogue with your own complex VLOOKUPS just to check what Products are new and what has changed from one Price Guide to the next!

The current NDIS Support Catalogue can be downloaded from the NDIS website below:

The Support Catalogue is provided in Excel format (.XLSX) when downloaded from the NDIS website. This must be saved as a CSV file.

Accessing the Data Import Utility

The Data Import utility is accessed via a dedicated Data Import tab. This can be found by searching for Data Import in the standard Salesforce App Launcher, see below.

In order to see the Data Import tab - you need to have the Maica - Manage Maica Settings Permission Set assigned to your user

Step 1: Select Flow Setting

The Data Import utility functions like a wizard 🧙‍♂️ that will walk you through the data import process and the required steps.

As the utility supports a few different processes, the first step requires you to select the flow, or import process, that you wish to perform. This is done via a pick list, called Flow Setting.

You need to select the NDIS Import Support Items Catalogue to process the new NDIS file.

💡You will already be familiar with this step if you handle the Bulk Payment Request (BPR) Results and Remittance import for your organisation.

Once you select the NDIS Import Support Items Catalogue Flow Setting, you will see the following two options displayed:

  • Check Only: Check this option if you want to validate the file and the import prior to processing it. By selecting Check Only, no records will be created or updated in Salesforce.

  • Allow Parallel: Check this option if you want to create multiple records simultaneously to process the file quicker. This isn't required for the Support Item Catalogue.

Step 2: Select Locations

This is where you can decide what Price Books you would like Maica to create for you and also where you can add a handy description for reference. We would recommend using something similar to the period the Support Catalogue applies to, or the filename of the actual CSV file downloaded from the NDIS website.

Step 3: Confirm and Process

The easiest step! Simply click Confirm in the configuration screen (step 2) and let Maica do all the heavy lifting for you. The data from the NDIS Support Catalogue file will be interpreted by the NDIS Import Support Items Catalogue Flow and processed.

As part of the import, it is important for you to understand how your data will be affected. Once completed, your Product and Price List data will be updated in the following ways:

  • Any new Support Item in the NDIS Support Catalogue will be created as a new Product in Salesforce

  • Any existing Support Item in the NDIS Support Catalogue that is updated, i.e the Name is changed, will update the existing (corresponding) Product record in Salesforce

    • The records are matched on the Support Item Number as this in in the file and on the Product record in Salesforce

  • As part of the import process, Maica will create new Price Book records for each of the Areas selected in Step 2

    • The created Price Book record(s) will have the following name format: NDIS Supports {STATE} ({CREATED DATE})

    • Example: NDIS Supports VIC 25/10/2022

  • Each of the Product records created or updated by the import will be added to the new Price Book(s) so it can be used whenever this Price Book is selected in Maica

For any import errors, the Product record will need to be created or updated manually and added to the necessary Price Book(s).

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