Timesheet Management

Learn about Timesheet Management within the Maica Client Care Solution

Maica Client Care provides the ability to generate and manually enter timesheet records; this setting allows you to manage the appearance of this feature as shown in the screenshot below.

Timesheet Entry Text Format

Simialr to the Planner Management settings, you are able to define what the text in the Timesheet cell is by using a number of merge fields or creating your own.

Colour Configuration

The colour configuration allows you to define what each type of Timesheet activity shows as, including:

  • Non-Billable Colour for Timesheet entries that are considered non-billable

  • Billable Colour for Timesheet entries that are considered billable (linked to Appointments)

  • Appointment Colur for completed Appointments showing in the Timesheet solution which can be converted to Timesheet entires

  • Travel Colour for Timesheet entries specifically marked as travel times (using Support Items marrked as Travel Activity)

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