Maica's Discord Server

Learn about engaging with our team more deeply using Discord

We have created a server on Discord to more deeply engage with our users; this allows you to ask questions, learn from our team directly, engage with your peers as well as contribute to product ideas.

Discord is a voice, video, and text chat app that's used by tens of millions of people ages 13+ to talk and hang out with their communities and friends.

People use Discord daily to talk about many things, ranging from art projects and family trips to homework and mental health support. It's a home for communities of any size, but it's most widely used by small and active groups of people who talk regularly.

To get started and join our community, simply follow the steps outlined below and start engaging.

When we onboard you to Maica, we will send you an invite link to our Community also.

As part of our Discord Community, we have a few channels you can become part of as described in the below table.

Discord Channel NamePurpose


Contribute to product ideas and development roadmaps.


Ask our expert team questions about our products.


Learn and discuss all things Client Care.


Learn and discuss all things Client Management.

As part of a Maica license, whether this is Client Management or Client Care, you will have a personal relationship with your Maica account manager in addition to being able to join our Discord Community.

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