ABA File Generation

Learn how Maica automatically adds successfully claimed funds to the ABA file to process your Provider Payments.

As a Plan Manager, paying your Provider invoices is a key function to support as you manage your Participant's support journey. We have already covered how Maica helps you to enter Invoice records and manage the Claiming lifecycle and now in this article, we will describe how Maica automates the generation of the ABA File.

In the ABA process, the following two components are involved:

  • ABA Export Record

    • Is a Salesforce record to which Payment Request records are associated with in order to group the data and then generate the ABA File

  • ABA File

    • Is the physical file that contains the Paid Amount from thePayment Request record(s) associated with the ABA Export record

    • The ABA File also includes the relevant data from the Provider (Account) record, such as Bank Account details

Please note: this article assumes that you have completed the initial ABA File configuration steps as described in the article below. These steps are mandatory and must be completed prior to exporting an ABA File.

ABA File Management

ABA Export Record

Whilst it may sound complex or a little overwhelming, the ABA File generation is far from it. Put simply, the ABA Export and the associated File contain the Paid Amount of Payment Request records where the Status = Paid.

The Payment Request is allocated to an ABA Export record even if the Paid Amount is not the same as the Claimed Amount (Paid Amount != Claimed Amount).

i.e. if the Claimed Amount = $50 but the Paid Amount = $25, the ABA Export lookup will be populated and the $25 included in the ABA File when you generate it.

So, whenever the Payment Request Status is set to Paid, via either the NDIS API Remittance Notification OR the BPR Remittance File Import, Maica will do the following:

  • Create a new ABA Export record, or, if one already exists with the criteria outlined below, retrieve the current ABA Export record

  • Update the ABA Export lookup on the Payment Request record with the ABA Export record

    • This creates a relationship between the Paid Payment Request and the ABA Export, allowing the Paid Amount to be included in the ABA Files

From a Salesforce record point of view, the image below represents a Payment Request PR - 000027 that has a Paid Amount of $55.47 included in ABA Export ABA - 0000002.

ABA Export Create/Update Overview

As mentioned above, Maica will automatically associate a Payment Request with an ABA Export export when the Status = Paid. As part of this process, Maica wil check to see if a valid (Open) ABA Export record already exists OR if a new ABA Export record needs to be created.

When searching for an existing ABA Export record to associate the Payment Request with, Maica uses the following criteria:

  • Date = TODAY

  • Status != Processed

If an existing ABA Export record is returned that matches this criteria, it will be populated in the ABA Export lookup on the Paid Payment Request. If no existing record is found, a new ABA Export record will be created and used in the lookup.

Please ensure that you review the ABA File prior to uploading it to your Bank to ensure it includes the correct Payment information. Once it is uploaded and processed by your Bank, the process cannot be reversed.

The generation and submission of the ABA File is the responsibility of the user and Maica carries no liability for incorrect payments to Providers.

Please also ensure you update the ABA Export Status = Processed once you have uploaded the ABA file to your Bank for processing.

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