Service Agreement Leave

Maica Client Management supports the ability to capture Service Agreement Leave for times that Participants are not available for service delivery tasks. This means that Maica Client Care needs to consider this when managing Appointments and rosters.

Single Appointments

When creating new Appointments as a single occurance, Maica Client Care will check against any recorded approved service agreement leave and display a warning that an Appointment is being scheduled during a leave period.

Maica Client Care offers a setting under Appointment Management to either allow the user to still create the Appointment or to block this from happening, in the other words, if leave is found, either block or allow the ability to still create Appointments.

Recurring Appointments

When creating a recurring Appointment series that falls (either fully or partially) within an approved service agreement leave period, Maica Client Care shows this within the Appointment cost calculation, as shown below.

The above screen shows an Appointment being created/managed that partially overlaps with approved service agreement leave and then has insufficient funding to go ahead.

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