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Some custom fields have been added to the Support Category and Product Objects in Maica. These allow you to configure appropriate Products to represent the Home Care Package Budget and allow our Manage Budget feature to interrogate the Product Records that you have in your system and ensure that you can set up and manage the budget effectively, and in line with Home Care Package requirements.

Budget Items within a Home Care Package

First, at the Support Category level, we have categorised the various different line items that form a Package Budget for Home Care.

  • Billable Fees - fees that are charged directly to a customer through a co-payment invoice.

  • Claimable Fees - fees that the provider can claim on behalf of the Home Care Package.

  • Client Contributions - money paid into the package directly by the client, such as a basic daily fee.

  • Subsidies - the base subsidy paid by the government into the Home Care Package budget.

  • Supplements - additional pieces of funding that individual participants can acquire approval for, to help with specific needs.

Setting up Support Categories

You can name your Support Category and Products however you like, but it makes sense to name them 'Claimable Fees' and using 'Care Package Management Fees' as the Product names for example. The idea is that Maica will allow you to have your own naming conventions.

While naming is flexible, it is essential that the appropriate Support Purpose option is correctly chosen. The Fund Management Type should also be set to Home Care Package

Support Purpose is a configurable field within a Support Category, to which new values have been added to represent the categories of budget items within a Home Care Package.

Before you adding your Products, you must first set up your Support Categories to support creation of the Products underneath.


There are some attributes that must be set up correctly so that they are useable within the manage budget interface.

Support Item Type

If you edit the Product, you will see that new values have been added to the Support Item Type. Specifically, you can see that there are now

  • Basic Subsidies

  • Care Management Fees

  • Package Management Fees

  • Basic Daily Fees

  • Income Tested Fees

  • Various Types of Supplements

These are important for both the budget building through managed budget as well as our fee automation and calculations on the Service Agreement.

Selecting the correct Support Item Type is important for Maica, so it can determine when you have added the Product as a Planned Budget and so we can correctly attribute the planned Budget Item effectively.

Funding Level

Funding Level defines what level of funding can be assigned and therefore set the rate against the relevent items. For example, if we select a Care Management Fee, we can select from levels 1-4 and define a price level against each Funding Level by creating different Products.

A Care Management Fee for a Level 1 package will attract a certain rate, whereas a higher rate will be applied to a Level 4 package. The same applies for a Basic Subsidy.

Quantity Unit of Measure and Claim Type

These Products should all be set to a Daily unit of measurement because fees and credits into the Package Budget through Subsidies are always charged at a daily rate, according to rate schedule provided by the Commonwealth.

You should also set the Claim Type as Home Care Package. Maica has various different Claim Types that can be applied to particular Products, but by selecting the Home Care Package value, we ensure that these Products are visible in both the Manage Budget and Manage Services user interfaces.

Price Books

Once you have configured your Products, it is important to set up a Price Book and add our products to it. At this point, you can set your rate.

In the image above, the Care Management Fee Level is set to 1 and it is a Claimable Fee. This means that this fee will be charged to the participant through our Maica fee invoicing engine. The Support Item Type is Care Management Fee, ensuring that it gets counted on their monthly statement as a Care Management Fee. You could add the Product to a Home Care Price Book, then set the rate.

This is particularly important, because as we add this particular Product to a Service Agreement using our manage budget feature, it will pull in the rate that you have set because you have selected the Care Management Fee at Level 1.

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