Agreement Management

Name Format

When you create a Service Agreement, Maica will automatically populate the record Name using a default naming convention. Should you not like our options, you can customise the naming convention by choosing "other" to create your own.

  1. Set Name Format = Other

  2. Click Insert Field to select merge fields from the Service Agreement or the Participant (Contact) records

  3. Arrange the fields as required

Service Agreement Generation

To help automate your onboarding and intake processes, Maica provides the ability to automate the creation of Service Agreement records from an Opportunity.

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have been discussing your service offering with a new Participant, Luca Milne

    • This process is captured and managed as a Service Agreement Opportunity record in Maica

  • Luca likes what he hears and agrees to what is being proposed

  • To reflect this approval from Luca, you set the Opportunity Stage = Closed Won

  • Based on your Maica Settings, a Service Agreement record is created with all the relevant details from Luca's Opportunity

  • Now that Luca has been established as a client, you can now begin to manage the delivery of the relevant Service(s) via the Service Agreement that has been created

In the diagram above, Service Agreement records will be automatically created for an Opportunity record with the following criteria:

  • Record Type = Service Agreement

    • This record type is installed with the Maica package

  • Stage = Closed Won

Service Agreement (and Agreement Item) records represent the specifics of what Service(s) will be delivered to a client. This includes the Support Items, the Quantity and the Total Values. The Service Agreement also has a date range to indicate what period the Agreement is valid for.

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