Plan Overview

Learn about how Maica helps you interact with key information about a Participants Plan

In Maica, the Plan record contains fundamental information that will very likely inform interactions with your Participant's and it is also used to underpin some central Maica functionality, such as Service Booking creation.

If you're looking for detailed information about Plans and their importance in the NDIS, refer to the Using your Plan resources published by the NDIS below.

A Plan record is where you can find the following information and functionality:

  • Plan Budget Information

  • Plan Period Information (Start Date & End Date)

  • NDIA Synchronisation Information (NDIS Reference & Last Sync Date)

  • Plan Goals

  • Service Bookings

You can also create a Service Booking in Salesforce and PRODA directly from the Plan record. More about that in the Create Service Booking section.

A very important point to note about Plan records is that they are created and updated in PRODA only and not Salesforce. PRODA is the master of this information and Maica simply retrieves the most up-to-date Plan information. What this means is that any updates to the Plan record in Salesforce will not be reflected in PRODA. This applies to Plan Goal records also.

Report Charts

We said we like charts, so it made sense to include more of them on the Plan record! The Plan layout includes the following charts to so you can get a quick visual summary of the Plan Budget information.

Description: This chart displays a view of the Total Approved Amount of associated Plan Budget records. Grouped by Support Purpose.

Report: Plan & Budget Overview (Purpose)

Budget Information Section

The Budget Information section contains a number of Roll-Up Summary fields that aggregate data from the associated Plan Budget record(s). For example: if there are 5 Plan Budget records with an Approved Amount of $2000 each, the Total Approved value on the Plan record will be $10,000.

In the event that there are no Plan Budget records all the Totals will display $0 and the Utilisation 0%.

Field NameNotes

Total Approved

SUM total of the Approved Amount

Total Allocated

SUM total of the Allocated Amount

Total Remaining

SUM total of the Remaining Amount

Total Spent

SUM total of the Spent Amount


Formula that divides the Total Approved by the Total Spent to display a percentage indicating how much of the total Approved Plan Budget has been spent.

Deprecated Fields

Field NameNotes

Total Expenditure

Replaced with Total Spent field.

NDIA Synchronisation Information

The NDIA Synchronisation Information section contains information regarding how to identify the Plan in PRODA and when it was last synchronised in Salesforce.

Field NameNotes

NDIS Reference

The unique identifier (or ID) assigned to the Plan in PRODA. This is not generated by Maica.

Last NDIS Sync

Represents the date and time the Plan record was last synchronised or refreshed from PRODA.

There are 3 key objects related to the Plan record. These are summarised below.

Plan Budget

The Plan Budget represents the specific Budget Items or Funded Supports included in a Participant's Plan. Generally, these define what Support Category and Support Item (for a stated support) can be selected to form part of a Service Booking.

If Plan Budget records exist in Salesforce, they will be used sort of like a template or outline when a Service Booking is being created. Meaning that the Categories and Amounts from the Plan Budget will be used as the default Booking Items in the Create Service Booking Quick Action. More about that in the Create Service Booking section.

Plan Budget Access

Plan Budget records can only be retrieved by Maica if all your Organisation satisfies all of the following criteria listed below. Please contact the NDIA directly if you want more information regarding Plan Budget access as Maica does not manage or enable this.

For Plan Managers

Plan Managers can retrieve Plan Budget details provided they satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • An active Standard Service Booking for the Support Category of CB Choice and Control (14) first exists with Support Items of either 14_033_0127_8_3 or 14_034_0127_8_3

  • An Active Plan Managed Service Booking exists between the Participant and your Organisation

  • Received the Participant’s consent (via Participant Portal) to view their budget details.

For Support Coordinators

Support Coordinators can retrieve Plan Budget details provided they satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • An Active Support Coordination Service Booking with the Participant

  • The Participants consent to access their Plan Budget

Support Coordinators will see Self-, Plan- and Agency-managed budgets. Please note that only the Support Coordinator can use this operation.

Plan Goal

If the Participant has identified specific Goals in their planning conversations with the NDIS, these can be retrieved and made available in Salesforce.

Rather than attempt to document Goals and their role in the Plan/Funding process, the NDIS has provided some great resources detailing this. You can access the resources via the link below:

There are a few Maica specific points to be aware of when working with Plan Goal records. These are described below.

Plan Goal has a Master-Detail relationship with Plan, meaning that you cannot have a Plan Goal without a Plan. Furthermore, if the Plan is deleted, all associated Plan Goal records will also be deleted.

Due to the nature of how Plan Goal records are stored and managed by the NDIS, Maica re-creates these records as part of each sync. This means that any changes, either new records or updates to existing records will be lost following a sync. Essentially Plan Goal records, like Plan, are managed by the NDIS and we do not recommend updating these records in Salesforce. You may wish to create your own Goal style object, to manage the Goals you have set between your Organisation and the Participant.

Service Booking

The Service Booking related list provides a view of all your Service Booking records that have been created in Salesforce and PRODA that are related to the specific Plan you are viewing.

The Plan is the key component in creating a Service Booking, as Maica cannot create a Service Booking in PRODA without a reference to the Plan.

Similar to the Plan and Plan Goal information, the NDIS provides a number of Service Booking resources you can refer to for more information.

For a more detailed overview of the Service Booking record in Maica, please refer to the Service Booking Overview section via the link below.

Service Booking Overview

Automatic Plan Extensions

If your Plan reaches its end date and your new Plan hasn’t been finalised yet, your current Plan will be automatically extended for up to 12 months by the NDIS.

This means your current funding will automatically continue until your new Plan can be finalised, so you don’t have any gaps in your funding or supports.

If your current Plan is shorter than a 12-month plan, your extended Plan will be for the same timeframe – for example, a six-month Plan will be automatically extended for six months.

The best thing about this? You don't have to do anything. Maica is 'listening' for this event in PRODA and will extend the End Date of the relevant Plan record for you. For the more technical users, the Plan End Date update is handled via the Plan End Date Updated Webhook.

Service Booking Extensions

If the Plan has been automatically extended per the above, the End Date will also be automatically extended for all active Service Booking records.

Again, something you don't have to worry about. Maica will handle this via the Service Booking End Date Updated Webhook.

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