Step 2: Location

Learn about capturing basic details for the new Appointment

The second tab captures details around where the Appointment is happening as well as potentially setting up recurring Appointments, as described in the below table.

There are three ways to capture a Location as described in the table below.

Captured InformationDescription


This allows for the selection of existing Location recorded in Maica Client Care. When this is selected, any associated Accomodation records are then shown to enable the selection of a specific residential location.

Participant Address

Maica Client Care enables the selection from a list of all recorded Mailing Address values for each Participant associated with the Appointment.

Manual Address

In cases where the Appointment is to be held at a location not previously recorded, the user can enter an address manually to be captured against this Appointment.

Travel Management

Maica Client Care integrates with Google Maps to determine travel times. When selecting a location for any given Appointment, Maica Client Care will use Google to determine both the required travel time to the Appointment as well as the travel time from the Appointment.

As a user, you have four choices for both the origin (from which travel will be started) and the destination (to which travel will complete), including the following options:

Travel OptionDescription

Home Address

This is the address on the Salesforce User profile linked to the Resource record.

Primary Location

This is a lookup on the Resource record which is associated with a location containing an address.

Previous/Next Appointment

This is either the previous Appointment (in cases where travel is to an Appointment) or the next Appointment (in cases where travel is from an Appointment).

Current Location

The current location of the Resource (User) using Maica Client Care.

Recurring Appointments

Recurring Appointments happen on a regular schedule and Maica Client Care will create these in advance based on the information provided at the time of creating the Appointment by completing the following fields.

Field NameField TypeNotes



The Start Date of the recurring Appointment.



The End Date of the recurring Appointment.



This enables the selection of the following values: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually

Repeat Every


This captures the interval based on the Frequency, for example if Weekly is selected, then the number 2 means Every 2 weeks.

Recurring Appointment Cost Calculation

When creating (or managing) recurring Appointments, Maica Client Care calculates the projected cost of this series of Appointments as shown in the below screen.

The cost calculation is triggered by clicking the Calculate Cost Breakdown link and the following three values are shown:

  • Cost of Appointment which is the cost of a specific Appointment in the series based on the determined support item.

  • Total Utilised which is the total amount used so far (at the time of a specific Appointment) from the identified service agreement from which the funds will be drawn.

  • Total Remaining which is the total amount remaining on the service agreement at the time of a specific Appointment.

When the Total Remaining or the Appointment Cost amounts are shown in red, this means that there are insufficient funds in the service agreement and it is unlikely that payment/claiming/invoicing will be successful.

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