Credit Management

Cancelling a payment request via the API

You and your team are busy entering in Invoices and sometimes a mistake is made where you may have submitted a Payment Request and realised something is not right. Perhaps you claimed the incorrect Support Category, Quantity, Amount or something else. That's ok, Maica's Credit Management functionality can fix this up for you easily.

The Credit Management functionality allows you to cancel a Payment Request that is in the status of Payment Pending or Paid.

As part of this process, it is important to note how the NDIS treats the Payment Request once it has been cancelled in PRODA:

  • If you cancel a Payment Request with a Status of Pending Payment, the Payment Request will not be processed.

  • If you cancel a Payment Request with a Status of Paid, the Agency may:

    • Send you an invoice requesting repayment of the cancelled amount or

    • Offset your future payment requests against the cancelled amount

This function is only available via the API. If you manage your claiming process via the BPR File, you need to manually cancel the Payment Request in Maica and PRODA.

Let's see it in action

Go to the Invoices tab and select invoice(s) that you wish to cancel its corresponding Payment Request and click Credit Management:

A new screen will show with the Invoice, Invoice Line Item and Payment Request to be cancelled. From here, all you need to do is select the desired Payment Request, confirm the action is correct and click Credit.

On completion, you will see a green tick against the Payment Request line and the Payment Request Status will be updated to Cancelled in Salesforce.

You have now successfully cancelled your Payment Request!

To recap, if the Payment Request had a previous status of Paid, you will either receive an invoice from the NDIA, or the amount will be offset against a future Payment Request.

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