Budget & Funding Management

We have created a new Manage Budget custom user interface in the latest Maica release. Manage Budget is a quick action and a custom user interface that is specifically designed for setting up, updating and managing a Home Care Package Budget.

When a participant receives their HCP funding from the government, this comes in component parts of Subsidies and Supplements and then fees and charges can be charged by the provider against the Package Budget. This is all managed in Maica.

Manage Budget can allow you to create and generate a new Budget against the Service Agreement, or manage and make changes to an existing Package Budget.

Configuring a Budget

Click on the Manage Budget Quick Action in your Service Agreement, which will display the following window.

This window is is a segmented guided UI for setting up the various component parts of a HCP budget. So it's going to step us through selecting from

  • Subsidies

  • Supplements

  • Claimable Fees

  • Billable Fees

  • Client Contributions

and then provide us with a summary at the end, according to what component parts of the budget that we have set up.

The first thing that you have to do is set up the base subsidy level. You are unable to select any of the other component parts of the budget until you have done that. If the customer has not received package level funding, then you cannot proceed with setting up their whole budget.

Subsidy Levels

Subsidy levels currently come in four parts for Home Care Packages. There are four tiers of funding available depending on the need of the participant. When you select a level, the rate will be retrieved from the Price Book for this particular Subsidy Level.

The rate will be taken from the Price Book. You can also set an Effective Date for the funding to be applicable. It will be set to the current date by default.


Secondly, you will get the option to select from supplements. So if you've configured any supplement products, you'll be able to select those here according to what's available.

Claimable Fees

Claimable fees are fees that can be claimed on behalf of the participant by the provider from the government. So these are a critical part of our fee invoicing engine. It will reference any claimable fees and spin up invoice line items for those for claiming.

Please see our article about our Fee Billing Engine for further details on how that automation piece works.

Again, we can see the rates that are applied according to the price book. It's also possible to actually override the price book rate as well in case you as a provider want to customise your rates or you have a different way of calculating them. You're not going to charge the maximum fixed fee that the government allows. You can override and set a custom rate as well. And of course, at any time, you can remove a particular item from the budget as well.

Billable Fees and Client Contributions

Next, you can add a Billable Fee. A Billable Fee is a fee that is charged directly to the customer via a co-payment invoice. So in this case, we're in Home Care Packages, so this is typically an Income Tested Fee. These are means tested and are usually an individual rate per participant.

This is set up with a default rate of $0, but you can override and set the specific rate against the package.

If there are any client contributions such as a basic daily fee, you could also add them here. You could even configure something like a one-off payment or regular payment that a customer might be making into their budget in order to ensure they have enough funding to procure some items or deliver some additional services. That is managed through client contributions that act as a credit against the package budget.

Budget Summary

Finally, you can open your Budget Summary. This simply provides you with a summary of what you have completed above.


After you submit your Budget, Maica will go and create and save Budget data. The first thing that it outputs is a Plan, which is a summary of the planned budgets that you have configured.

Plan Budgets

The Plan represents the overall budget and the Planned Budgets are the individual budget lines that are added to the budget using our managed budget interface.

For example, you might add supplements, you might remove supplements, the claimable fees might change etc. All of these are represented as individual records that are either active or inactive and if they are active, then they are going to be included in our fee invoicing automation as well as in the calculations for the participant.

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