Appointment Travel Billing

Learn about how Maica enables Appointment Travel Billing

Maica Client Care automates the billing of travel that occurs within the context of an Appointment, in other words, either travel to the Appointment or from the Appointment. There are principally two components to billing for travel as described below.

Travel Caps are specified both at the service agreement line item (where applicable) and/or via Maica Client Care Settings. The service agreement line item caps are considered first; if not set, the invoice generation logic will use the Settings. If neither is specified, no caps are considered applicable.

The screen shown below allows you to enter both the time and km travelled as part of an Appointment.

Billing for Travel Time

The process behind billing for time is based on using a specific claim type (Provider Travel) and generating a separate invoice line item for the associated appointment service, as shown in the below example:

  • Appointment Service = Occupational Therapy

  • Travel Time recorded = 60 minutes

Maica Client Care will generate the following invoice line item given the above:

  • Invoice Line Item #1 for Occupational Therapy with Claim Type = as selected

  • Invoice Line Item #2 for Occupational Therapy with Claim Type = Provider Travel

If multiple appointment services are associated with the Appointment, you are able to select against which appointment service you would like to create the invoice line item.

Billing for Travel Kilometers

When billing for km travelled, Maica Client Care creates an additional invoice line item using the relevant appointment service, as specified in the Travel Management Settings. This means, on top of the example provided below, the following additional invoice line item will be generated:

  • Invoice Line Item #3 for Travel Support Item with Claim Type = Provider Travel

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